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open all day every day

open all day every day

be green

we try our very best to minimize our environmental footprint.

our jewelry boxes

the paper used, of our new jewelry boxes, contains residues of organic products that replace 15% of the wood pulp. a by-product of corn production was used for these boxes. the glue is water-based. both the paper and the cardboard are FSC® certified. the jewelry boxes are made in a Danish factory. because of this, much less CO2 is emitted than if the boxes were shipped from outside of Europe.

our jewelry bags

our new jewelry bags are also environmentally friendly since they are made of organic cotton and reusable.

our jewelry

all of our jewelry are stainless steel or sterling silver 925. this way you can enjoy your jewelry longer. we also like to advise you to not expose the jewelry to perfumes, alcohol or any other substances to make sure they last longer.

our packaging

we use the pre-stamped boxes of Bpost. these boxes are FSC® certified. we use little paper bags to make sure your items are securely wrapped. these bags are also FSC® certified.

our paper bags you receive when shopping at an offline selling point or event are made in Europe and FSC® certified.