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the 5 biggest fashion trends for 2020

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want to know what’s happening this year in the world of fashion accessories – well we got you honey, here is a list of the 5 biggest trends you can expect to see everywhere this year.
  1. hair clip

The first item on the list is the hair clip. Not just a hair clip though – it’s is covered with a full-on 90’s vibe.

sources:  saint lily
  1. scrunchies

Just like 2019, 2020 will still be covered with scrunchies. However, we’ll start to play with fabrics. There will be leather scrunchies, velvet scrunchies, satin scrunchies, …

Not just the fabric is going next level, we’ll also introduce 101 different colours. So colour it up babe!

Soon we’ll discuss the 2020 colour pallet so keep an eye out on our blog.

sources: myjewellery- saint lily
  1. constellation piercings

These piercings are hot-hot-hot and booming like crazy all over the world. Hence, let me introduce: the constellation piercings.

What are you talking about “constellation piercings”?! Well, with the mindset ‘you can never have enough bling’, we would recommend to get yourself a few extra piercings honey. The days where everyone just had 1 goodie-two-shoes piercing in each ear, are gone my dear. The goal now is to have a mixture of all mini piercings (check out our saint lily studs) spread out over your entire ear. Being delicate is the statement.

The cherry on the cake, pick out jewels to match your horoscope!

Hack: not so eager to get a new piercing (we feel you…) – enter the earcuff. The perfect hack, no one notices and you can get as many ‘new piercings’ as you’d like. Check them out here.

sources: brian keith thompson
  1. oversized link

Move over minimalistic necklaces, hello big chunk necklaces. The bigger the better. These necklaces with (hugely) enlarged links are the newest got-to-have statement necklaces.

sources: thezoereport - saint lily
  1. XL hoops

Numero cinco. The last 2020 trend we’ll be discussing are the XL hoops. Another statement piece that is a must-have atm. Fun fact: you can combine it with every outfit and it gives every outfit that little extra ‘oomph’. Easy peasy!    

sources: thezoereport - saint lily