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8 hair updo's in times like these

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this corona-crisis is thé perfect time to let your hair down – literally speaking. it is the perfect time to spoil your scalp by not washing it with shampoo for a few days/weeks in a row.

but… we know the struggle is real when you are living together with your boyfriend, husband, roommate(s) or when you have a facetime group date with your girlfriends – right?

well, Saint Lily to the rescue – here are 8 hair updo’s that will save your ass.

just a little tip: the bigger, the better – meaning – the bigger the item, the more they will be distracted. you're welcome.

1. the headband

sources:  flair, saint lily

2. the bubble bun

sources:  flair, pnterest

3. the stacking pins

sources:  pinterest, saint lily

4. the big hairclips

sources:  Flair, saint lily

5. the scrunchie

sources:  saint lily

6. the scarf

sources: pinterest, saint lily

7. the low messy bun

sources:  pinterest, saint lily

8. the wet look

sources:  Flair, Eleven Australia